Sustainable sewing by elna

With an elna sewing machine, you chose our brand’s high quality standards and excellent after-sale service. With quality and endurance translating into product durability, your sewing machines’ extended lifetime means that you don’t need to replace it with a new one in a short time. As a result, this can save resources and energy, and ultimately helps protecting our planet for future generations.

Convincing: Our warranty

A warranty is automatically included with our products when purchased new from an Authorized Elna Dealer demonstrates that we positively believe in their longevity.

eXcellence 780+

The eXcellence 780+ is a computerized sewing machine offering outstanding quality and an astonishing number of high-level features. Countless functions and intuitive operation simplify the sewing process helping you save time and increasing your efficiency.
350 stitches
11 buttonholes and 2 alphabets
Maximum sewing speed adjustable up to 1’060 spm
9 mm maximum sewing width
Full-color and high-definition LCD touch screen
Automatic presser foot lift
Dual Feed System
Automatic foot pressure adjustment
Easy and guided bobbin threader with built-in thread cutter
Automatic and programmable thread cutter
9 high-illuminance LEDs in 4 areas + 1 retractable front light
One USB port